ONE OFF Heavy Wedge
for Grinding

We received many requests from custom craftsmen as well as hobby grinders to take grindworks wedge customization a step further. We’re proud to release our new ONE OFF wedge head which is essentially a heavy over weight blank wedge head which can be grinded to any custom spec.

There are 2 models of the ONE OFF wedge as follows:

W1 is a base 52 degree head which tips the scales at 320g. The W1 can be bent up to 2 degrees strong or weak to make either a 50 degree or 54 degree as well. The base head has a bounce of 18 degrees (it’s purposely high so that it can be grinded down to spec).

W2 is a 58 degree head which also tips the scales at 320g and can also be bent up to 2 degrees strong or weak to make either a 56 degree or 60 degree. The base bounce of the W1 is 20 degrees.

Lie angle for both heads is 64* which may also be adjusted.

The ONE OFF head is made of 218ALLOY just as our 86 Series and SM Series are. So the head provides great feel and bite and great resistance to corrosion.  This is a great material for custom shops and hobbyists to use as they do not need to worry about plating/finishing the head as it can remain raw and relatively rust resistant. The head is left blank so logos or markings can be done as required.

Just grind the wedge with the grind and spec you want and go right ahead and play it. There is plenty of material for grinding leading or trailing edge relief, or toe and heel relief and bounce can easily be adjusted.

Use the ONE OFF wedge head to make your custom grind wedge now!

ONE OFF Heavy Blank Wedge Head

W1 :
52 degree loft
64 degree lie
18 degree bounce

315-320g raw head weight

W2 :
58degree loft
64 degree lie
20 degree bounce

315-320g raw head weight

The grooves on both W1 and W2 are Conforming to R&A Groove Rules